Monday, May 24, 2010

I Heart Faces- Yellow

This week's I Heart Faces photo challenge: yellow! This immediately made me think
of a picture that I took of Mads last week, playing in her pool for the
first time. My little water baby was so excited!


Don't forget to check out the I Heart Faces website to see
all of the wonderful entries!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Fix It Friday

I've decided to start participating in the I Heart Faces "Fix-it Friday" challenges! It's a good way to practice my editing and see how others edit the same photo. Click on the button to see how others edited this photo on the I Heart Faces website!

Here is the original picture:

Here's my edit!
ihf513 edit
I used the Perfect Portrait and Sun Kissed CoffeeShop actions and played around with them a bit until I was happy with it.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Lights, camera...actions!

Thanks to a sale and my wonderful husband, I am now the proud owner of Photoshop Elements 8- let the editing begin! Now, I know that I should strive to get perfect photos straight out of camera. And I am constantly trying to improve the quality of my shots. But first of all, I'm not that good yet. So it's nice to be able to do a little touching up. And second, sometimes it's fun to add some stylistic finishes to photos that I love.

I'm starting this blog so I can keep track of my edits, and hopefully over time see how I am progressing. Plus I love reading other photo editing blogs and seeing the different takes that people apply to photos- so why not throw my own ideas out there too?

While most of my pictures will inevitably be of Mads, I do photograph other subjects on occasion, and I will try to keep things interesting with some of those. Here's one of my other favorite subjects, my sweet 7 year old golden retriever Ginger. All of my images have been sharpened/resized for the web.

Here's the SOOC shot:And here's the edit. Pretty simple, I just used the CoffeeShop Honey Retro action and messed with the opacity of the layers a bit:
I downloaded a ton of awesome CoffeeShop actions today, so I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot more of them!