Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I Heart Faces- Purple

This week's I Heart Faces photo challenge: Purple

I'm not going to lie, 90% of Maddie's wardrobe is pink, so I had to dig to the bottom of her drawer to fine something purple. I'm pretty sure the kid is going to hate pink when she grows up b/c her mommy loves it so much. But I'm glad I got a pic of her in this cute purple dress, b/c she looks adorable and the color really accentuates her gorgeous eyes. I had a more creative pic in mind, involving the book "Harold and the Purple Crayon." But you just can't tell a 2 year old how to pose for a pic, so this is what I ended up with. I love it though- with the messy hair, wrinkled dress and her two best friends (Plex and Tootie, for those not familiar with the craziness that is Yo Gabba Gabba), this picture is a great representation of post-afternoon nap Mads.


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  1. She looks so sweet - I love this kid!

  2. Oh my word. She is a DOLL! What a cute picture of your sweet little princess : ) Pure deliciousness!

  3. Love this picture! Love Yo Gabba Gabba too!

  4. What a precious little angel! I love the soft yellow tones.

  5. What a cutie! Adorable, amazing photo!

  6. oh my goodness, she is so cute!! Look at those eyes!! I love the colors in this picture and candidness!! wonderful :)