Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Trendy Treehouse- Sports

This week's theme is Sports. When I think of sports, I think of my husband, who is obsessed with anything remotely sports like. I think he'd be happy if the tv only showed ESPN. Mike grew up in Maryland and so he's a HUGE fan of the Maryland Terrapins (despite the fact that we are both alumni of UNC- not a point of contention at all :P). One day I wanted to do a little portrait practice, so I asked him to model for me. And so he decided if I was taking pictures, he'd wear his favorite Maryland shirt- I guess that made the photoshoot a little more manly for him, lol.


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  1. as a florida gator fan....yet an alumus of florida state, i can understand how you guys cope with the rival schools ;) i like this shot and i think the framing of it works really well!

  2. Great interpretation. I love how men transform for portraits. My husband looks off into the sky for some reason.

  3. We're in Maryland but my husband went to Virginia Tech so we're a Hokie family. We have no choice.

    I LOVE this photo! How happy is he?

    Stopping by from the Trendy Tree.