Wednesday, September 1, 2010

August Photo Scavenger Hunt

Well, August flew by much faster than I was expecting! That shouldn't surprise me, as all time seems to move at a break neck pace now that I am a Mommy. Although from about 4:30-6:30 pm manage to drag by very slowly each day- maybe I should aim to take more pictures then!

Anyway, I think I did alright for my first month long photo challenge. I love about half of the pictures, and while some aren't exactly what I would've chosen if I had unlimited time, I'm happy with all of them. Here's a link to the set on flickr if you want to view them larger.

#1: Flag that represents you

I hate to start off with my lamest picture, but I didn't get around to taking a flag pic. So this is a pic that looks like Maddie "flagging" down a cab. Keep looking, they get better.
JennyB- Flag.jpg

#2: Comfortable

I think some of the greatest things in life are the relationships that just makes you feel comfortable. This is my sister and one of her best friends, and I love how happy and relaxed they were when I was shooting them.
JennyB-Something Comfortable.jpg

#3: Something in Season

My mom is a master gardener (for real- like that is her title), and she has a great little vegetable garden in the backyard. There is never a shortage of tomatoes at her house!
JennyB- Something in Season.jpg

#4: Feet

Love, love love Maddie's hip little toddler Converse hi-tops!
JennyB- Feet.jpg

#5: Repetition

When we were out shooting Maddie's 2 year pictures, I found this really cool bridge and decided it fit the category perfectly!

#6: Culture or Ethnicity

I struggled with this one, and though I had some ideas on what I wanted to shoot, I never got around to it. So this is one from my archives, taken a few months ago when my mom was visiting and made us ice cream. Something about it feels very traditionally Southern to me.
JennyB-Culture or Ethnicity.jpg

#7: Contrast

I love this shot- Mads couldn't figure out why this man wouldn't talk to her! I think the contrast is pretty self-explanatory here :).
JennyB- Contrast.jpg

#8: Indulgence

This photo was taken at Krispy Kreme. If you've never had a Krispy Kreme doughnut, you are missing out! I wish I had gotten more of the sign in, but those are the pitfalls of shooting with a 50 mm lens. Plus, it's a little more artsy and abstract this there :P.
JennyB- Indulgence.jpg

#9: Macro or Close up

I loved the colors of this tomato (although my mom was so embarassed that I took a photo of it- apparently it isn't supposed to be that color, it was a sickly tomato, lol!) and the water dripping off of it.
JennyB-Macro or Closeup.jpg

#10: Masculine

Mike borrowed a power washer from a friend to wash our fence and deck, and when I saw it sitting on the sidewalk I thought it looked pretty manly!

#11: Feminine

The flowers, the dress, the light...I think all of those contribute to the feminine feel of this photo!
JennyB-Something Feminine.jpg

#12: Light

When we were driving home from Charlotte a few weeks ago, the sky was just gorgeous. It had been raining all day, but the sun was trying so hard to peek through the clouds.
JennyB- Light.jpg

#13: Eco-friendly

This is a doll bed that my grandfather made for me when I was little. We got it out of the attic at my parent's house when we visited them a couple of weeks ago, and Maddie LOVED it. I love recycling old toys, and it's always nice to get an "old" toy that doesn't light up or play music, and encourages imaginative play.

#14: Business

I love this store. You can always find a unique gift or just fill a pail with yummy candy!

#15: Arrow

Found at a park we visited recently. I don't think these arrows are particularly helpful, lol!
JennyB- Arrow.jpg

#16: Something Wet

Cool spray area near my parent's house. Maddie got so excited when she saw it, so we had to let her play even though she was fully dressed!
JennyB-Something Wet.jpg

#17: Something Dry

I let Mads play in her pool yesterday afternoon, but didn't want to have to re-wash her hair, so I piled it on top of her head to keep it dry. It had the added bonus of looking really adorable :).
JennyB-Something Dry.jpg

#18: Butterfly

Found a butterfly bush at a local park, and I had no shortage of things to photograph!I love how the light is shining through the butterfly's wing in this shot.
JennyB- Butterfly.jpg

#19: Heart-shaped Cloud

Once I started looking for these, I became obsessed with clouds- they are so cool!
JennyB- Heart-shaped Cloud.jpg

#20: Strength

I saw this little guy stuck in the fence at a park, and it made me laugh so I took a picture. Can't get much stronger than those big old muscles!
JennyB- Masculine.jpg

Hope you enjoyed looking at my entries! I really enjoyed this, it kept me constantly looking around for photo opportunities, and gave me some creative things to photography other than my adorable daughter :). Click here to see other Photo Hunt Entries.


  1. I think you did a fantastic job, and you got really creative with them as well!! The butterfly is gorgeous, and I like that you took a different angle on "flag" great work!

  2. Great job! I love your take ob flag.

  3. you are a great photographer! I absolutely love all your shots, even the flag one! Nicely done!!

  4. oh man those are great! I love the garden shots. And of course all of Maddie's.

  5. Your strength shot is THEM!

    I was giggling at your contrast shot creative!

  6. Flag was my own least favorite picture too, and I definitely hated having to "open" with it! Yours was a very adorable interpretation though! All your shots (and interpretations) are just beautiful! I really can't pick a favorite.

    How does one become a master gardener anyway?

  7. awesome shots! feet, contrast and feminine are my favorites, although I love how you interpreted comfortable, too...nice collection!

  8. Fabulous entries! I love the "feminine" photo...I love them all!

  9. Oh, I just love all of these shots! It is really hard to pick out a few favorites! I do actually love your flag photo! I think that was an interesting twist! Also, tell your mom that that is the most beautiful, sickly tomato ever, great job! They are all just so wonderful

  10. Basically, I love them all...especially any of the ones that Maddie is in. I actually really like your first shot. It makes me laugh. And I see that you've been posting a lot more recently. When I get back to normal, I'll have to come over and see more. Have a great night!

  11. These are gorgeous shots! Love the butterfly one. Your daughter is just precious!!

  12. Loed your collection of shots, they are great! I loved wet, butterfly, strength, business.....I could go on and on. Glad you participated, hope you join us again in October :)

  13. Thanks so much everyone! It was a lot of fun to participate, I will definitely try again for Oct.

    Reading Allowed- I'm not exactly sure about the Master Gardener thing, I know it involved lots of classes and garden related community service, and I think she has to keep up with the education and cs to maintain the title each year. As you can imagine, her yard is gorgeous!