Friday, September 3, 2010

Fix It Friday, 9/3/10

Fix it Friday time again!

Here is the original picture:

Here are my edits. The first one is a clean edit, the second is a bit more stylized. I prefer the 2nd, as usual, lol! I opened this photo up in ACR, upped the fill light and recovery, and upped the vibrance a little bit. Then I opened it in PSE, cropped, and boosted the contrast a bit. I thought their skin still looked a little underexposed (since they were backlit in this shot), so I ran a Screen layer, masked out everything and then painted on their skin at a low opacity.

WDYT? It looks a little oversaturated to me, maybe I should have left the vibrance alone in ACR.

4952773323_54cb5253e8_b edit clean

For the 2nd edit, I kept all the changes from my first edit, then ran PW's Seventies action at around 40-50% opacity.

4952773323_54cb5253e8_b edit seventies

Thanks for checking out my edits!


  1. I like both! I don't think the first is oversaturated at all - I tend to like them that way :)

  2. Oh my goodness. I love them both. Great job!

    I live in NC also. I love your blog.

  3. Loving the second edit!

  4. So pretty! I can't decide which one I like best!

  5. Great job. Second one is my favorite also.