Monday, October 4, 2010

Jack turns 2!

Maddie's best friend Jack is turning two on Saturday! This kid is so smart and funny, and we love hanging out with him. I was very excited to take Jack's 2 year pictures, and he didn't disappoint! You would think he was 5, not 2, based on how well he followed directions and posed for the camera!

My goal with this session was to get 15-20 good pictures to share with Jack's family. But he was so cooperative, that I think I am going to end up with double that amount! Here's a sneak peek of Jack's cuteness:






Thanks for such a fun session Jack!


  1. That shot of his eyelashes is just to die for. Wow!

  2. this are great! and I love that I know him and can really tell you captured the personality.

  3. Jenny u are amazing!! I agree with Natalia that u def. captured his personality to a T!! I just keep looking at them over and over!

  4. Great job Jenny :) I love the lighting and the composition. It can be hard to come up with composition for a toddler, but you did an awesome job!

  5. I must admit he is even cuter than I already knew. But then again, I am his Papa.Great job Jenny, I think you are on to something in your pursuit of a new career.

  6. Seriously? That's a 2 year old POSING for the camera? I'm so jealous! These are GREAT!

  7. Oh to get my almost 3 year old to pose. Lol these are great! Love the hat!